Problems with House Selling in UK

There are a lot of problems that you as a seller might face if you want to sell your property quickly. Listing them all isn’t feasible but the most mundane and common ones can be discussed.

If a real estate agent is helping in selling your property quickly then you have to know the details of the terms and conditions of the agreement especially the break clauses. This is so because you might land up finding a buyer on your own, when you have already hired an agent for it or you may also decide not to sell the house. In such a case you still have to pay the costs incurred by the agent in adverts and commission.

If you think the bill is too high then consult an adviser from the nearest Citizens Advice Bureau or you can seek a house buyer’s help which buys any house. Make sure that you possess a copy of the agreement with the agent. Agents belonging to the complaint redress schemes, approved by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) should be hired because in future if you want to lodge a complaint against the agent then the Property Ombudsman and Ombudsman Services: Property redress schemes will be of much assistance. If your agent is not providing the services or is discriminating against you or is trying to deceive you then a complaint should be filed.

Generally, a house buyer is a better option than an estate agent because a house buyer will buy any house and you are able to sell your property quickly.If you desire to change your agent, if you are still under agreement with the present agent, then you will have to reimburse the costs incurred by the agent. If you think the agent is overcharging then consult an adviser in CAB. Your agent can not sell your property below its actual worth; if this happens then also you can consult a CAB adviser. Make sure that the buyer’s deposit is passed through the agent to you after the selling of your property.

You can even consult multiple agents to sell your property but keep one thing in mind; you will have to pay the fees to both of them irrespective of the fact, “who gets the buyer?” you or the agents. A prospective buyer might want to survey or value your property through a surveyor then you have to allow him because the deal cannot go ahead without it. It’s the buyers right to get this survey if he is going to buy your property.

The buyers might not find your house catchy or homely; in that case, you need to invest a meager sum to append your house’s beauty. Make it homely because buyers are seeking a homely place in which he or she can straight away move into. A house buyer is a more viable option because they not only work transparently but they will buy any house and can help sell your property quickly. Consulting a home buyer is a word of advice.


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UK Property discounts hit a 2 year low

The properties that gave discounts over their asking price are witnessing a two year low in their asking price, according to the new research.

Approximately 32% of the properties had to slash down their asking price atleast once. But the positive look around is that the stats were 37% three months ago and 40% last year. Therefore, we observe hints of improvement in the market as lesser number of houses had to slash down their asking price.

The absolute issue is that the discounts are on a two year low. It’s presently standing at £20,612 as compared to £18,993 three months ago.

Therefore the research that the sellers have been forced to cut down their prices and this number has been more than average in the last few months. About 50% of the properties in Wakefield had to lower the asking price. This figure was 42.5% and 42.2% for Chesterfield and Barnsley respectively. The figures are alarming but there has been an insignia of the market strengthening in the last couple of months. The number of cash offers also saw a major fall this month.

The average percentage of discounts has been 10.5%, 8.9%, 8.8% and 8.8% for Romford, Wakefield, Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool respectively.

Reading, Wolverhampton, Edinburg, Poole and Telford saw the smallest falls in their asking prices.

Hence we see that since the lesser number of houses had to slash down their asking price indicates that the seller is feeling confident.


How to sell your house fast in UK

Tips to sell your house quickly

At A Quick House Sale!!! We can help you achieve a quick and guaranteed sale of your home, but if you have time to continue with a customary sale, here are the key things to bear in mind, when selling your house fast.

1. Finish those DIY jobs

2. Get rid of the clutter

3. De-personalise

4. Clean

5. Kerb appeal

6. Kitchens and Bathrooms

7. Keep it neutral

8. What’s that room?

9. Don’t market an empty property

10. Use multiple estate agents

A Quick Sale

We will consider your property in any condition because we are not customary buyers. We’re not worried about your colour schemes or the DIY jobs that need concluding. We just want to help out from your condition in any way we can.

And don’t forget we can offer a broad choice of solutions to your problems, including a purchase within 7 days if required, the option to rent it back, or even buy it back at a later date. You won’t know what we can do for you until you talk to us so contact us now!


The most suitable times to buy or sell a property

If you are looking to buy a house then you should do it before Christmas. The market is good for buyers as the prices of the property have fallen and the festive season is approaching and everyone’s in a jolly mood and there’s a high chance of a successful bargaining. After Christmas the sellers and the agents will go into the hibernation and the number of house sale falls because of short days and long nights and freezing temperatures. The buyer should look forward to close the deal before Christmas. Everyone prefers to stay back in their houses near a fireplace.

For house sellers the competition will more or less remain the same and there won’t be an entry of any new home sellers in the market. The house owners prefer to stay back in their house until the spring arrives.

The house sales gain pace in the seasons of spring and autumn and there are a lot of home buyers so there’s a high chance of getting a very handsome offer. You enjoy multiple offers and bids because the demand is more than the supply (i.e. the number of houses on sale).

The house buyers and sellers come out of hibernation in the spring to proceed with house buying and selling respectively.

The house buyers can definitely prefer spring for house buying.


Get Multiple Listing Services for House Selling.

There are basically three types of listings for the market- open listing, exclusive listing and multiple listing.

Exclusive listings are very attractive for the estate agents. Here a home owner lists his property with only one agent. So the agent is highly motivated because he’s bound to get rewards (commission) for the work that he puts into the house sale. House Sellers don’t prefer it because this way their house doesn’t get enough market exposure and this a major problem because you don’t get the best price for your house.

Open listing is a listing where a house owner may list his property with many estate agents. The owners find this listing attractive but they don’t realize that the competition between agents in this listing becomes high and there is a less probability of earning commission. So there’s very less financial security for the work that they put into. Therefore, open listings give slow results because of less interest of the agent. Although if you have hired a Home Buyer then this wont be a problem with them because they buy your house to help in a quick sale. Home Buying can be considered the contemporary way of Real Estate which is different from hiring an agent. You can know about Home Buyers on our Home Page.M

Multiple listing was developed to bridge the benefits of both open and exclusive listing. Here a home owner will list his/her property with only one agent, hence assuring the agent’s commission if the house is sold before the listing expires. However unlike exclusive listing here every agent has the right to sell your property and in the process he gets to share the commission with the agent that you listed your house with. Hence your property enjoys the full market exposure. Hence multiple listing takes care of the home owner and estate agent’s interests.

The MLS system is highly in use in the markets of London, UK and the areas nearby.

Benefits of multiple listings are many. In the multiple listing a agents share their database with other agents hence giving your property the full market exposure. There is a certainty of commission for both the agents and there are no questions regarding who was suppose to get the commission. The buyers find it convenient to locate the property as per their requirements. This listing helps the agent to work either with the sellers or the buyers, whichever they find it easier to deal with. This system improves the efficiency of the real estate as there is a co-operation between various estate agents and there’s also a transparency in the market. MLS database contains detailed and comprehensive data reports. With the help of this one can discern the market trends, which in turn helps in an efficient decision making.

Hence most of the home owners and home buyers, nowdays, rely on MLS.


How to sell my home fast?

Selling a house fast is not an easy task but it is not impossible either.

The market is tight and more and more people are failing to clear their debts because of the prevailing joblessness and redundancies. The repossession rates are on a record high and there are many sellers in the market. The market for a seller is tough as the competition is high. There is very less margin for error. So make sure that you put the best impression in front of the buyer.

For that you need to stage your house well. You need to make sure that the house is kept tidy and clean. Buyers prefer a house that has no repelling factors in it or else you will give them reasons to make you cut down your asking price. Hence it’s worth investing a few Euros rather than going for a major bargain. Fix the cracks and leaks. Keep your kitchen tidy and clean. Repaint your kitchen in a neutral color. Change the cabinet doors. Fix the creaky doors and change the doorknobs. Every house has some unique attraction factors to it so highlight them.

Tidy the garage and the store as generally lot of useless stuff stays there and you need to organize it well.

For advertising your house, you can put a “house on sale by owner” on the yard. This helps to hot-list your property and spreads the word. Some people also prefer to buy house directly from the owner rather than the estate agent. You can put your property online on the Craigslist and other websites to seek web audience. You can also advertise in the local magazines and newspapers.

The exteriors of the house are also equally important. Trim the plants remove the weeds and mow the lawns. Improve the curb appeal and keep the driveway clean. Paint your house in a neutral color. Your entrance door should be neat and attractive. A repelling exterior can make a buyer leave from the outside and he won’t be even bothered to look into the interiors. So do the needful.

You should never make the buyer feel pressured just try and listen and reciprocate accordingly.


Mortgage no more a burden

If you are struggling with your mortgage and have difficulties in handling it then there’s a way that can help you out of it. Recently a group of “out of the box” thinkers started an advert agency –BRAINIACS FROM MARS who started the new concept of painting the houses and using it as a billboard for advertisement. They offer you a very handsome amount of money if you are ready to let your house be used for the advertisement. This was started in the US and this concept has provided a sigh of relief to the struggling mortgage payers. The company compensates you with 2000$ in return of the favor.

This concept has attracted the attention of many people from Japan and Russia and the organization has been flooded with requests.

Although a few people are skeptical about this concept and say that it’s not an effective advert strategy and will ultimately drain out the company. But the BRAINIACS are ready to take up the challenge.

It has been a sigh of relief for many people who were facing a threat of repossession and they wish that the BRAINIACS stick around to offer succor to overcome their arrears in mortgage.

BRAINIACS FROM MARS is getting thumbs up from a few advert gurus because of their guts to experiment with this innovative concept.

We are a home buyer and think that this concept is definitely going to strive because given the present financial crisis the people needs the BRAINIACS and vice-versa.