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Quick Property Sale

Whatever your reason for needing to sell quickly, we can help you. Buying houses quickly is all we do.

How We Do It?
We use the combined skills of our team, which utilises 75 years of collective property experience, cash reserves, in-house lawyers and in-house surveyors. There is nothing we haven’t come across over the years, whether it be legal problems, (short leases, title discrepancies), construction issues (subsidence issues, non- standard construction) or a new property.

Whatever the reason, condition and type of property, BMH will buy it. You name it, we’ve dealt with it and we can still `take a view’ and buy your property quickly.

We guarantee that you will have a positive experience with BMH! We take time to explain every step of the process and update you on a daily basis.

How can we help
We buy nationally and can complete a purchase in 24hours! Most people when they are selling a house go through an estate agent. In the current market it is hard to achieve a quick house sale, it may take months to sell your house. Due to years of expertise and cash resources we will provide you with a cash offer in 24 hours. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to sell property fast our simple process guarantees a quick sale of your house. Whether you are worried about property repossession, going through separation and divorce or have financial problems you can avoid the cost and delays involved in selling.

Broken Property Chain

If you are in a property chain situation your intended purchaser could break the chain by deciding he no longer wants your property. Also the potential buyer of his property could pull out for various reasons. No matter what the reason, you will have lost your buyer. BMH can help you during a chain break by buying your property fast. Most people when they are selling a house go through an estate agent. In the current market it is hard to achieve a quick house sale, it may take months to sell your house.

How can we help
BMH due to years of expertise and cash resources will provide you with a cash offer in 24 hours.


Unfortunately relationships don’t always last. If you’re going through a divorce or separation and want to split the equity in your property quickly, we can help.

Divorce and house sale after divorce are two of the most stressful times in our lives. Having to deal with both at the same time is even more overwhelming. Divorce properties are often part of a financial settlement arrangement on a divorce. Divorce property sale on the advice of some inexperienced solicitor can only land in further legal problems, court summons, divorce or separation settlements etc. Therefore it is better that you take the assistance of experienced companies who have the know-how in the property market and excellence in customer focussed solutions.

How we can help
Buy My House is an established company specialising in quick property sales and is experienced in buying homes from couples who are divorcing or separating. We understand the pressures involved and will help you in each step of the process. Most couples going through divorce want a quick, clean sale – this is where Buy My House can help. By using a quick house sale company, such as Buy My House, you can sell your property with the minimum amount of stress, realise the cash value, clear outstanding debts, reach a quick financial settlement and move on with your lives. Buy My House comes up with the best solution for your property after divorce.

Stop Repossession

The current financial climate has left many caught out. Rising unemployment and cost of living has left many struggling to make mortgage repayments. If you’re looking to avoid repossession and want to extract maximum equity in your property quickly, we can help.

Avoid Repossession
You can avoid repossession by making a simple phone call. Buy My House has a number of alternatives to sort out your repossession problems – there is a plan to suit every situation. This also means that we will provide you with financial assistance to save you from going bankrupt. Buy My House makes every endeavour to help you out of the repossession process as quickly as possible, but we are more likely to be able to help you avoid repossession if you contact us as soon as the crisis arises rather than wait for the situation to worsen.

How can we help
Buy My House is a genuine cash buyer and can complete the purchase of your property in 5 days. We also take care of all the paperwork and legal processes involved with repossession. Remember we are here to help. We specialise in repossession property dealings and are backed with years of experience.


Relocating is often a stressful process, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. BMH can help purchase your property in as little as 7 days! Don’t let your property prevent your relocation abroad!

Sell My House Fast due to Relocation or Emigration
If you need to relocate or emigrate quickly you may need to sell your home fast. Selling your house on the open property market could mean that the sale could drag on for many months if not years. There may be a lack of interested buyers for your area, or you may be part of a property chain which could easily breakdown at any time.

We can buy your house fast! We can organise the process to suit your exact requirements, giving you ‘peace of mind’. All you have to do is contact us and we will guide and keep you informed throughout the entire process.

How can we help
Buy My House can help people in your particular situation by buying your house from you very fast and highly efficiently. We promise to purchase your house within a timescale that will suit your needs. We buy property directly from the house owners themselves to eliminate the requirement for an estate agent and subsequently waiting for an unlimited period for a prospective buyer to appear.


Ill Health

It is often said, “we are nothing without our health” and what could be closer to the truth? When you are ill the last thing you need is the headache of maintaining a large property, dealing with service charges, managing estate agents who don’t listen, and trying to talk to solicitors.

BMH can take all those problems away in one phone call.

Whether the sale is for nursing home costs or private medical treatment, whatever the reason we will advise you and help you. We can buy your property and give you the cash within 5 working days. Yes, it is THAT simple.

Our property experts have over 75 years of collective experience and this is imparted in simple, jargon-free English.

Just pick up the phone and speak to a normal person who understands your predicament and can give you good advice. Even if we don’t buy your property, we will at least be able to give you some helpful and free advice.

Financial Difficulties

The credit crunch has left many caught out. Imminent interest rises, increase in unemployment.

Many homeowners are facing financial strain due to several reasons. This may be the result of struggling to pay your mortgage payments or perhaps losing your job. Whatever the reason – BMH are here to intervene and help you through this tough time. Please do not think you are alone! – many people in the UK are facing the same problems. We have helped many find a solution and help clear their debt and more importantly, help them carry on with the next chapter of their life. We understand the frustration of waiting for a buyer on the open market through an estate agent, last year 53% of sales agreed via an estate agent failed to complete. BMH with your full co-operation can exchange contracts in as little as 24 Hours and then look to complete in a time frame that’s suits you. So please don’t delay and let us help you find a solution as soon as possible.

How we can help
Purchasing properties quickly for cash is all we do!  Whether you’re looking to pay off your mortgage or simply want to clear your existing credit card debts, we are here to help you every step of the way. Whats more, we can give you an instant cash advance while you carry on staying in the property.


Inheriting a property comes with mixed emotions and the inevitable dealings with close (and not so close) family members who may be beneficiaries. Needless to say everybody wants their money at different times and normally it is sooner rather than later – they just can’t wait for the ever so slow process of selling the house.

Time marches on and the bills for an empty house need to be paid – council tax – insurance-utilities – then winter comes and a pipe bursts, etc. Who is going to pay these bills and sort out the water leak destroying the property? All of theses problems can be avoided in one quick phone call to BMH. We know how to speed up the process, we use our cash funds and in-house lawyers and you can use your original probate lawyer or any lawyer of your choice – either way BMH will pay your legal costs.

We will complete the sale within 24 Hours so that you can draw a line under the matter and have the cash.

We are very easy to speak to, we’ve got decades of experience and we want to help!

Don’t delay and pick up the phone to speak to a decision maker on the spot, you will have an offer today and the money in 5 days.



An opportunity of moving abroad for whatever reason may not come about everyday.

An opportunity of moving abroad for whatever reason may not come about everyday so that is why Buy My House are here to help you sell your house quickly and start your new life. Having your house on the open market can be very frustrating and can have a negative impact on your future plans. Our sole aim is to make that dream move abroad a reality by buying your house cash in a time frame that suits you. Being cash buyers means that the money can be in your account in as little as 5 days and you can carry on with the next chapter of your life. Buy My House will offer you up to 90% of the value of your house, enabling you to be financially secure making that move abroad possible and thus never looking back later on in life and thinking ‘what if’. We want to help you seize those opportunities life has to offer.