Honest Advice

Over 25 companies in the UK claim to buy houses quickly for cash, however in reality only a few proceed to buy for cash. BMH offer you the solution…

What to look out for:

1. They will make you a very tempting offer to buy your property.

2. They will encourage you to use one of their solicitors claiming it will be quicker and they will pay the fees.

3. They will then proceed by sending you a document to sign, which most people feel obliged to sign as they feel it’s part of the sales process…however this is not the case.

What is actually happening:

X – The document that you sign is actually an “option agreement”. Once signed, they register this agreement at the land registry against your property.

X – By signing this you cannot sell your own property to anyone else without their consent. That consent can cost you thousands of pounds to obtain.

X – The real reason they wanted you to use their recommended solicitor was so that they could hide from you the fact that they are not buying your property and the obvious dangers of the agreement.

X – More importantly, the offer that they have made is not real, they are not buying your property.


You should have the right to sell your property to whomever you wish to and the only way to do that and protect your biggest asset is by following these two simple rules:

 Always use your own independent local solicitor for the sale. If you do not have one then just type “conveyancing solicitors” into Google and you will find a list of local solicitors whom you can contact directly. As well as this, insist that the buyer pays all your legal fees for your independent solicitor.

 Do not sign anything that the buyer sends you directly, only sign documents that come via your independent solicitor.


We do not ask you to sign any agreements at any time.

You do not pay us anything at anytime.

We encourage you to use your own independent solicitor and we will pay for all your legal fees.

We are not online estate agents – We buy houses quickly with our own cash.